Warm Abhyanga Oil Poured Through Hands


Melt into a one of a kind spa treatment at Lotus Blooming Ayurveda located near the beautiful shores of La Jolla, Ca. A tranquil healing sanctuary has been created for the deep relaxation that you truly deserve. This holistic hideaway provides quiet reflection, and soul soothing treatments that are globally inspired and steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Shirodhara Treatment


Come and embrace a luxurious state of being. All treatments are uniquely designed with innovative techniques using a lush line of organic oils, flower essences, organic herbs and aromatherapy. Elevating the mind, body, soul and benefiting you long after you leave.

Abhyanga Massage


Book a treatment your soul longs for with expert guide Heidi Abreu. She uses her diverse expertise and intuition to create life changing signature experiences. You have finally found a place to decompress, and focus on what really matters — You.

Stars and Book


Want to know if you are on the right path? Lotus Blooming Ayurveda enhances a regular astrology reading by weaving Vedic and Western astrology together to give deeper insight into your souls purpose and gifts. All readings are designed with compassion so that you can bring your new understanding and self awareness to the choices in your life with clarity and confidence.



“Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU! Heidi is just wonderful. I'm so happy I found her while I was on vacation. I was looking to treat myself to something special and she sure hit the mark. I left feeling amazing. Magic Hands."

~ Candace M.

"OMG! My boyfriend got me a combination Shirodhara and Abhyanga massage treatment for my birthday and I am in heaven! This was the most amazing, calming, relaxing treatment I have ever gotten! I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who feels any stress, she will make it disappear and you will leave feeling like you can face the world again! Thank you so much Heidi”

~ Lois K

Lotus Blooming Ayurveda spa room


Need some help choosing a treatment or would like to create a day package? Call and a custom retreat will be created and planned just for you.