the Lotus Blooming Ayurveda difference

Lotus Blooming Ayurveda provides customized health consultations, bodywork, and spiritual guidance for radiant health by Heidi Abreu. With certifications and many years of training in Ayurvedic Health Coaching, Massage, Meditation/Spirituality and Yoga Instruction, she brings her expertise and passion of the mind-body connection to help create lasting relaxation and rejuvenation. Top of the line organic oils, flower essences, and herbs are incorporated into every treatment to melt away stress and tension from the body, face, and mind. 


Heidi has a deep devotion and understanding of healing medicinal plants, nourishing herbs, whole foods, and the wisdom of living with the rhythms of nature. These Ayurvedic principles are at the core of what she imparts to her clients in her consultation sessions as well as creating custom Ayurvedic spa treatments that quiet the mind, comfort the soul and bring greater mobility back into the body.

Lotus Blooming Ayurveda spa room La Jolla, Ca

“Heidi is AWESOME! She truly has magical healing hands. I found that her healing massage therapies, helped calm and reduce my inflammation from my rheumatoid arthritis that attack my neck and wrist. She also made recommendations to assist my body to fight the inflammation. Thank you Heidi!”

~Maria R.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU! Heidi is just wonderful. I'm so happy I found her while I was on vacation. I was looking to treat myself to something special and she sure hit the mark. I left feeling amazing. Magic Hands."

~ Candace M.

"Heidi has a deep understanding of the balancing principles of Ayurvedic medicine as well as healing gift for bodywork. She is also intuitive and sensitive to each client's unique and individual needs.”

~ Bonita Carol

"OMG! My boyfriend got me a combination Shirodhara and Abhyanga massage treatment for my birthday and I am in heaven! This was the most amazing, calming, relaxing treatment I have ever gotten! I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who feels any stress, she will make it disappear and you will leave feeling like you can face the world again! Thank you so much Heidi”

~ Lois K