1hr 50min $160

This tranformational package begins with either an Ayurvedic or Spiritual consultation where we will discuss what is the most out of balance in your life at this time. I will then design an intuitive plan based in the wisdom of Ayurveda to help you improve your health and well-being. Following the consultation you will then receive a calming shirodhara treatment. This combination will provide you with resources for a more divinely guided and radiant lifestyle.

Included Choose Ayurvedic or Spiritual Wellness Session

  • Shirodhara Treatment (oil poured over the 3rd eye) and Consultation

  • Herb & Spice suggestions to balance Vata, Pitta, or Kapha

  • Meditation & Breathing Techniques

  • Flower Essence Recommendation

  • Yoga or Qi Gong Movements Recommended


$109 (60min)

This ahhh-mazing treatment is a calming traditional Ayurvedic therapy that quickly dissolves stress and anxiety from your body and mind. This treatment begins with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage that helps release tension from the muscles as well as open up the subtle energetic lines of the body. Next a continuous stream of warm organic oil infused with herbs/flower essences is poured onto the area between the eyebrows (the 3rd eye). Profound relaxation is provided to the nervous system in this treatment as peace and healing is cultivated within.


$109 (60min) $129 (90min)

By using luxurious, copious amounts of oil combined with aromatic essential oils and flower essences this massage will move you into a deep state of relaxation. These oils are massaged onto you in a way that will stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and help break up cellulite.

*Combine a Shirodhara Treatment & Abhyanga Massage total 2 hrs and get 10% off *


$99 (60min) $119 (90min)

A deeply relaxing, soothing and transformational experience. This treatment begins with a silk glove exfoliation and lymphatic stimulation of the face, neck and shoulders. Followed by massaging a blend of organic almond oil and antioxidant rich oils onto the face using Gua Sha tools made of rose quartz. Then a cleansing of the skin and application of a nourishing mask will be used and all are natural, chemical free and preservative free to help detoxify the deep tissues of the skin, trigger a balanced lymph flow, and restore the life, vigor, and function of the facial skin. Gentle marma point stimulation will be orchestrated to create balance in the face and whole body with warm aromatic lavender towels used as compresses on the facial skin that will provide a luminous glow.

NASYA (sinus treatment)

add on to any service $45 (30min)

This sinus rejuvenation treatment is wonderful for allergies and begins with an herbal steam, then organic warm oil is massaged onto the face, neck, and shoulders. This helps to open the flow of lymph and circulation. Gua Sha tools will be used on the face to help stimulate lymphatic movement. Last but not least warm medicated oils are used to nourish and lubricate the nasal passages. This ancient therapy purifies and cleanses the nasal passages and is used to reduce allergies, headaches, shoulder and neck tension. 


add on to any service $45 (30min)

This beautiful soothing treatment starts with rose and lavender tied poultices that are warmed and used in a rhythmic motion over the body. Then flower essences and herbal transdermal creams are used on specific marma (acupressure points) on the body to help each client in what needs to be balanced specifically. Crystals will also be used on or around the body to create an elevated healing space.

Ayurvedic Herbal Poultice

BASTI (Dough Dam)

add on to any service $45 (30min)

A Basti is a raised circle of dough containing warm medicated herbal oils that is then applied to different parts of the body to decrease pain, release stuck energy, help change patterns in the body/mind system. This treatment is excellent when the ring of dough is placed on painful joints, and areas such as the lower back for muscle spasms. The basti can be used on Chakra locations for emotional support and release as well.


add on to any service $45 (30min)

A soothing warm foot bath of salts and calming aromatherapy oils  begins this unique Ayurvedic spa ritual that will help you unwind. Marma points (vital energy points) are worked on the feet and legs to help restore and renew your whole body, mind & spirit. This Tibetan inspired sequence uses a special tool called a kansa wand to help reduce hot flashes, and acidity in the body leaving you balanced and serene.