Ayurvedic Herbs, Lemons, Flowers, Salt

Ayurvedic Consultation & Treatment

$160 (2hrs)

This consultation is a time for me to get to know your unique situation and individual needs. Ayurveda sees each person as an individual, with a unique make-up of elements within the body. When these elements or doshas as Ayurveda explains, become imbalanced we experience illness in the mind/body. We will discuss what self-care options are available for you to get your health back into balance. I will then design a customized plan to help you improve your health and well-being.


  • Consultation

  • Herbs & Spice suggestions to balance the body

  • Meditation & Breathing Techniques

  • Shirodhara Treatment or Abhyanga Massage

  • Flower Essence & Aromatherapy in Treatment

  • Yoga or Qi Gong Movements & Resources

Spiritual Guidance Consultation & Treatment

$149 (2hrs)

This spiritual consultation begins with a peaceful guided meditation and a sweet lavender smudging ceremony to help cleanse the aura (energy body). Soothing healing methods are used such as chakra balancing, massage, and discussing the fears, blocks and emotional challenges you may be experiencing. A safe and welcome space has been cultivated to give you the tools to strengthen your intuition and activate your own inner healer. You will be given self care routines to do at home that nourish and keep you connected to the source of love.


  • Consultation

  • Energy Balancing

  • Guided Aromatherapy Meditation

  • Lavender Smudging Ceremony

  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage

  • Tea with added Flower Essences

Phone appointments available for Spiritual Guidance and Sacred Self-Care techniques $79 (60min)

Abhyanga Massage

$108 (60min) $128 (90min)

This is an organic warm-oil, full body, therapeutic massage used to balance and relax the body, mind and spirit. The oil application is designed to stimulate circulation, help with body and mind detoxification, prevent premature aging, and alleviate pain. Warm organic aromatic oils are used appropriate to your Ayurvedic constitution (body/mind type).

Shirodhara (Oil poured over 3rd eye, between eyebrows)

$108 (60min)

This ahhh-mazing treatment is a calming traditional Ayurvedic therapy that quickly dissolves stress and anxiety from your body and mind. A continuous stream of warm organic oil is poured onto the area between the eyebrows (the 3rd eye). Profound relaxation is provided to the nervous system in this treatment as peace is cultivated within.

* Combine a Shirodhara Treatment & Abhyanga Massage 2 hrs: $189 Special Limited Offer

Face Rejuvenation

$108 (70min) $119 (90min)

A deeply relaxing, soothing and transformational experience. This treatment is amazingly powerful as facial marma points are massaged using transdermal creams from Dr. Vaidya Mishra that are full of natures healing properties. I use completely natural, chemical free and preservative free products to detoxify the deep tissues of the skin, trigger a balanced lymph flow, and restore the life, vigor, and function of the facial skin. 

Nasya (sinus treatment) & Massage

$108 (60min) $128 (90min)

This sinus rejuvenation treatment begins with an herbal steam, then organic warm oil is massaged onto the back, neck, and shoulders. This helps to open the flow of lymph and circulation. Last but not least warm medicated oils are used to nourish and lubricate the nasal passages. This ancient therapy purifies and cleanses the nasal passages and is used to reduce allergies, headaches, shoulder and neck tension. 

Pedi-Karma Foot Treatment & Massage

$108 (70min) $128 (90min)

A soothing warm foot bath of salts and calming aromatherapy oils  begins this unique Ayurvedic spa ritual that will help you unwind. Marma points (vital energy points) are worked to help restore and renew your whole body, mind & spirit. This Tibetan inspired sequence uses a special tool called a kansa wand to help reduce hot flashes, and acidity in the body leaving you balanced and serene.

Chakra Crystals, Essential Oils

Flower Power Massage

$89 (60min) $115(90min)

A Massage that combines the perfect flower elixir, aromatherapy, and crystals to create an unforgettable massage experience of rest and renewal. Smooth chakra crystals and LotusWei flower essences are used to cleanse the subtle energy body of any imbalance by massaging and placing them in the corresponding energy centers during the treatment. The flower elixirs and aromatherapy will be available for purchase so that you can continue the self-care and transformation at home.

Basti (Dough Dam) & Massage

$108 (60min)

A Basti is a raised circle of dough containing warm medicated herbal oils that is then applied to different parts of the body to decrease pain, release stuck energy, help change patterns in the body/mind system. This treatment is excellent when the ring of dough is placed on painful joints, and areas such as the lower back for muscle spasms. The basti can be used on Chakra locations for emotional support and release as well.

Pregnancy Massage

$108 (60min)

This nurturing massage is completely customized for the expectant mother. Using luxurious organic custom blended warm oil, (pregnancy safe) aromatherapy oils, and flower essences. With long relaxing massage strokes the muscles are massaged to soothe achy and tired areas of the body. Each treatment is customized to release muscle tension, relax the mind and balance the emotions.

Not sure what treatment is right for you or your loved one? 

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