Ayurveda Tea and Rose Herbs

Ayurveda Ultimate Self-Care Online Class Series 4 weeks

DATE: 2/16/19-3/6/19 Every Wednesday for 4 weeks

TIME: 6:00pm-8:30pm



Heidi Abreu AHE, CMT, RYT & Mario Guzman EYRT 1000

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This class is for yoga students, teachers, healers, massage therapists, anyone who might be trying to heal from an illness, and it’s also for those who might be healthy but looking to balance everyday stress and self-care.

We will cover the basics of what Ayurveda is and how we can use this wisdom to make our bodies healthier, our minds calmer, and our spirits more joyful by incorporating meditation, flower essences and beautiful aromatherapy into our day.

The class will also explain how integral nourishment is in the form of Ayurvedic sacred self-care practices. This will leave you with tools that will create results and enrich your day to day life. Leaving you feel less stressed and with increased calmness and energy.

Class includes:

  • Ayurveda Basics

  • Meditation

  • Meditation Journal

  • Yoga/QiGong Movement practice

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Dinacharya (daily-routine)

  • Flower-Essence Recommendations

  • Discuss Crystal and Essential Oil Use

Price $249.00

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