Remote Ayurvedic Health Coaching Session

$99 (1hr) or Package of 2 sessions $160

This coaching consultation is a time for me to get to know your personal goals and individual needs. Ayurveda sees each person as an individual, with a unique make-up of elements within the body. When these elements or doshas as Ayurveda explains, become imbalanced we experience illness in the mind/body. We will discuss what self-care options are available for you to get your health back into balance. I will then design a customized plan to help you improve your health and well-being.


  • Consultation typed and E-mailed to you

  • Herbs & Spice suggestions to Balance the Body

  • Food, Teas & Eating with the Seasons

  • Sacred Self-Care & Daily Routines

  • Meditation & Breathing Techniques

  • Yoga or Qi Gong Movements & Resources

Remote Spiritual Guidance Session

$99 (1hr) or Package of 2 Sessions $160

This spiritual consultation begins with a peaceful guided meditation and oracle card reading to help set the intention for the session. We will then move into discussing the fears, blocks and emotional challenges you may be experiencing. A safe and welcome container has been cultivated to give you the tools to strengthen your intuition and activate your own inner healer. You will be given self care routines to do at home that nourish and keep you connected to the source of love.


  • Consultation typed and E-mailed to you

  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

  • Guided Meditation & Energy Balancing

  • Flower Essences/Crystals/Essential Oil recommendation

  • Meditation & Self Development Homework

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