Astrology Book of Zodiac Signs

$179 (75min) In person or by WhatsApp for International Sessions

Want to know more about your Birth Chart? What your Karma (past life experiences) and Dharma (purpose for this life) is? Want more guidance on where to grow and what to let go of that will support a more radiant life? This Astrology Birth Chart reading will delve into the mysteries and amazing potentials that are hidden within and ready to bloom.

Discussion of where the planets were in the sky when you were born and their meanings and possible effects will be shared. The chart reading will validate personality traits and past experiences that will lead to many “aha” moments. We are all capable of evolving and enlightening to great lengths and the chart is a wonderful tool to guide you to greater self awareness and joy.


  • Astrology Consultation E-mailed Summary

  • Mini Crystal Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

  • Flower Essences/Crystals/Essential Oil Recommendation


$222 (75min) Only At Lotus Blooming Ayurveda in La Jolla, CA

Enjoy an Astrology chart reading and a blissful warm oil massage at the same time to help relax you as we delve into the chart findings and explore your awesome potential!

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