Vedic Astrology

" Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language the sky speaks to you." Dane Rudhyar

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I have a deep love for Vedic Astrology. It has impacted my life in ways I could never have dreamed possible. It has given me healing and understanding of myself on such a deep level, and has allowed such a growth to my life. I am forever grateful, and humble to be able share this knowledge with everyone who seeks it.

Want to know more about your Birth Chart? What your Karma (past life experiences) and Dharma (purpose for this life) is? If you are searching to help understand yourself better to heal, or just curious about this ancient art of reading the planets? Fill out a form on my contact page with your name, birth date, birth city and a few appointment time options.

The report itself takes 4-5 days for me to research and type up, so please keep this in mind when requesting an appointment time. Thank you.

Vedic Consultation $99 (60min)

Vedic Consultation & Massage $159 (60min) Enjoy a chart reading and a blissful warm oil massage at the same time to help relax you as we delve into the chart findings and explore your awesome potential!

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